Company Profile


Company Name Micasa Trading Co.,Ltd.
Company Address 1-5, Kamiyamate-cho, Suita-shi, Osaka, (565-0841) JAPAN
Date Founded October, 2009 (Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi)
Date Established April 18, 2017
Contact Information TEL/FAX:+81-6-7181-7140
Main Business Activities 1 Development, production, sales, importation/exportation of motorcycle and automotive parts.
2 Development, production, sales, importaion/exportation of industrial equipments.
3 Organization of domestic and overseas motorsports events.
4 Buying, selling, and installation of used vehicles and industrial equipments.
5 Translation of foreign languages.
6 Consulting and information supplement service.
7 All businesses incidental to or relating to the above clauses.
Major Customers (Motorcycle/Automotive)Motorcycle & automotive parts wholesalers, car dealers, retail companies
(FA/Industrial Equipment)Readymixed concrete manufacturers, automotive parts manufacturers
(Translation and Support)SME manufacturers
(Overseas)Taiwanese motorcycle parts manufacturers
President and Representative Director Mari Nishimura
Capital 2,600,000 yen
Fiscal Year From April 1 to March 31 of the following year

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